Your viral holding page is a great promotional tool to deploy while your new website or project is being finalised. It’s even great for one off competitions or promotions. Notify users your site is in development, capture emails, run competitions and make some noise!

Users will arrive on your page, sign up with personal data like name & email address, and be encouraged to share your page via social networks or by copying and pasting a URL (all these links are unique and dynamically created just for that individual!). You can capture all the data for later use and see who generates the most extra sign ups. 

Why a holding page?

Pretty smart…a good thing for users and a good thing for search engines

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Examples & Demo

How it works

We can store user’s sign up data safely on the website for you to export and use at any time. We can however deliver it directly to your customer relationship management system of choice, or even Mailchimp and many other services. Here are just a few;




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