Time to stop flicking between post-it notes, spreadsheets and emails!

Whether you’re a freelancer, micro business or larger organisation managing interactions with your current and prospective clients is critical. Time to stop flicking between post-it notes, spreadsheets and emails!

Customer Relationship Management (CRM’s) provides the all-in-one solution to organise, automate and synchronise sales, marketing, customer service and support.

It can be integrated with everything from your email marketing software, online accounting suppliers and booking systems. We can help choose the most appropriate supplier, carefully plan and implement your new system, help with staff on-boarding and ensure you get the maximum value from your new software.

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How we can help


We can help pull all the pieces together, establishing the most suitable supplier based on your business needs and devise a comprehensive deployment strategy.


We carefully massage your existing data for optimal importation of contacts, leads & opportunities as well as fully customising your new CRM to fit around your business operations.

Training & Support

Once fully operational we won’t leave you or your team to fend for yourselves. We’ll train and support you to maximise value from your new CRM and will always be here to advise, assist and even further develop the systems when required.

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Example CRM

Here’s an explainer video from one of our many suppliers (Capsule CRM) with whom we work closely to deliver industry leading online CRM software…



Do I need a CRM?

If your business conducts sales and marketing, and you have more than a couple of leads or existing clients chances are CRM will dramatically improve your business operations.

What about emails, how will these work with my CRM?

When your sales staff use email to communicate with existing customers and clients all those interactions will be seamlessly integrated with your CRM. The CRM becomes a central hub to your business operations.

I’ve got multiple spreadsheets, can we feed these into the CRM?

We certainly can. We most often find our clients have multiple documents which we carefully prepare, mould and import into your new CRM.

Can we send leads directly from our website to the CRM?

Yes, we can feed leads from all sorts of digital sources directly into your CRM and even assign them to specific sales staff. Additionally a lead arrival could trigger other events like a task list for a specific individual.

What about integrations with Accounting software?

With a CRM we can do that to. At certain stages of the sales cycle invoices can be automatically raised; your CRM can talk to a number of other web apps and services.

Will this help with forecasting and reporting?

Yes, depending on the system adopted you’ll be able to see exactly what deals and their value are in your pipeline, and subsequently forecast future revenues and report on results.

What CRM is best for us?

This depends on your specific needs but we can help advise on this – get in touch today for a chat and we’ll talk you through your options.

What are the ongoing costs?

They vary depending on which CRM we choose to adopt but start from FREE, or for paid versions with more functionality from as little as £8 per month per user.


From approx.


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